Monday, April 16, 2007

My N800 has arrived!

Today morning Osvaldo arrived from FISL 8.0 bringing lots of news and a very special gift, my own Nokia N800 Internet Tablet which I've been trying to put my hands on since I received the email from the Maemo team telling me I was one of the lucky 500 people who got discount codes. For us living in Brazil is very very difficult and expensive to buy any of these gadgets like the N800. If it wasn't the code, I couldn't buy it so soon.

Huge thanks go to the Maemo crew, specially Quim Gil and Lucas Rocha who brought the device straight from Finland and also to John (J5) Palmieri for spending so much of his time trying to buy me the device.

I could not forget to thank INdT for sponsoring big part of the applications I've ported to the Nokia 770. Without that, I might never had the chanve of getting the discount code.

Until now, I've not played with it very much. I've just downloaded and installed the new firmware image, the plankton theme and some applications. I'll start to work again on the ports as soon as possible, always trying to get the latest upstream versions working.

Now I need to find out some space in my budget to buy a wireless router and at least one 4 GB (8 GB maybe?) SD card. Any suggestions?? :)


fanoush said...

As for the router I can recommend Asus wl-500gx or gp. It runs linux and there is even custom firmware with great functionality added I have the deluxe model for 2 years, works great with n770 and n800, I am happy with it. Premium model is now the best choice. See also
for hardware specs and other routers. The good thing is that the wl500gx/gp has 2 usb 2.0 ports so you can add external usb hard disk and share it over network without having PC running.

As for SD card I have good experience with the Transcend 150x 4B card. For 4GB size SDHC cards are not needed (can be slower for writing and/or more expensive and not compatible with older devices). For 8GB you need SDHC card and custom kernel.

maddler said...

Also consider Linksys WRT54GL. Stock firmware can be replaced with DD-WRT or Open-WRT, both Linux based.

Have fun with your N800!