Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bossa Conference

Last year, INdT started the effort of arranging and sponsoring a conference here in Brazil where would be possible to discuss and find ways to improve the many areas of Open Source Software targeting mobile systems and embedded devices. The idea was to cover as many areas as possible, from the kernel to the User Interface.

So finally the initial idea has turned into reality. The Bossa Conference will be held in Recife from the 12th to the 14th of March. People of many areas, such as bluetooth, VoIP and multimedia have already confirmed their participation in the event.

We are working really hard to make this first edition a huge success. If you got interested, please visit the Bossa Conference web site or drop an email to I'm looking forward to meeting you here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Python 2.5 for Maemo has been Released

The INdT team has just announced the latest release of the Python language and bindings for the Maemo Platform. My colleagues have been worked really hard for quite some time to make the packages available and working for both Nokia 770 (Maemo 2.1 "Scirocco") and N800 (Maemo 3.0 "Bora") devices. The main features include:

  • Updated to Python 2.5 version of the core language

  • Updated bindings

  • Added bindings to new Hildon widgets (Maemo GTK+ extension widgets)

  • Improved bindings to OSSO library (access to Maemo-specific services)

Visit the project page at garage and the release notes page for instructions on how to install, convert the existing applications to use the new version and further information.


Yesterday I took some time to help the guys here porting a really useful application for 770/N800 devices. Hope to be able to release it soon. Scrennshot follows:

Applications on Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets

Now that the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is officially out, I took some time to test the applications I ported to the 770 on the new device. Some of them worked, some didn't and others didn't even install. Here is the list:

  • Gnumeric Spreadsheet: As far as I could see installed and worked fine. The gnumeric-plugins-extra package won't install due to the missing dependency of python2.4.

  • Evince: Didn't installed. The application manager couldn't some dependency package.

  • Xournal: Installed fine but didn't work at all. I have to check what is going on.

  • Leafpad: Installed and worked fine.

  • Games: All were installed and worked fine.

I have been receiving lots of e-mails and comments in my previous posts about new features in all these applications. So, I'd like to tell everyone that I'm reading and taking note of all requests you've done. Please apologize me for not answering all messages. It's been a really busy moment for me. Also, I would be glad to help anybody who want to implement those features.

So what are my plans?

  1. Keep on releasing latest versions of each of the applications I've already ported and try to make them available for both Nokia 770 and N800 devices. This will be a really big challenge, as every day the dependency list of each application gets bigger and bigger. For example, cairo is not an optional dependency for Gnumeric anymore. So we have to be sure that there will not be too much impact in the performance.

  2. Implement click-to-open functionality for the file types not recognized by the device. For example, open .xoj files automatically in Xournal just by clicking on it in the file manager. The same for other applications, like Gnumeric and Evince.

  3. Help finishing Abiword port. Actually we're almost there. Tomas has already done most of the work but there is some weird crash happening.

  4. Finish Rhythmbox port.

It would be really really great to get a Nokia N800 device for particular use. We do have some of them at our office, but they're shared between everybody here and meant to be used for work purposes only. As others have already requested, I and many others would like to see these devices available for purchase in other places than Europe and North America.

2006 Holidays and Vacation

Last December, I took a two-week vacation near Christmas and traveled about 2500 km to my home city to visit my family and some old friends. It was raining *a lot* over there, so I could spend great moments with them and also take some rest (I really needed it). I hope I can come back there earlier this year.

Already missing my girlfriend, I was back to Recife for the new year party. So we took a 300 km trip by car to Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte State. Great Time! Party all day and night long during three days...

Wanessa, Me, Patricia, Edgard, Espirro and VĂ©ioNew Year Party at Pipa Beach

Ok. That was enough for my vacation period. Next posts will be about my work, Maemo Platform and the brand new N800 device.