Friday, April 20, 2007

Leafpad 0.8.10

After some failures in the upgrade process, I've finally got my laptop successfully running ubuntu feisty and scratchbox 1.0.7 with maemo rootstraps installed yesterday. At night I decided to do a real test in the environment building the latest version of Leafpad for the N800 device. It took me more time than I was expecting but in the end everything went just fine.

I've just uploaded the packages to the Maemo extras repository, both to N800 and 770. This way you can install it with a single click:

I was very pleased to see it's being somehow useful when Jean-Luc told me it is the default editor used by claws-mail.


Anonymous said...

Couly it be possible to compile it for mistral, not gregale ?



etrunko said...


It shoudn't be a problem install the gregale version in your mistral distribution. I've done some basic tests and it worked fine.

If you get any issues, please let me know.

Best Regards, Etrunko

Anonymous said...

The install file doesnt work. I get a 'package not found' error

etrunko said...


I've just tested it again using both 770 and N800 and everything went just fine... Could you provide more information about your device, like OS version for example?

Best Regards, Etrunko.

LK14 said...


Thanks for the best Text Editor available on Maemo. I have a few feature requests:

* Auto-save feature
* Save confirmation popup
* Bluetooth/E-mail Send capability

LK14 said...

Adding to the feature requests:

Recent files list for the Open command

crawdad said...

Any idea when we might see a version for the N810?
The n800 version doesn't install, complaining about libraries...