Saturday, April 28, 2007

Evince 0.8.1

Earlier this week, I uploaded some very special packages to the maemo extras repository. After playing around a little bit more, I've come with this very special program running in my N800:

"Great!", you can say, but "Evince already runs on N800.". Yes, you're right. The news here are that libpoppler is using cairo backend and Evince version is 0.8.1, the latest stable released by Evince developers.

There are still some bugs to fix before it can be released, but I can say it performs really well in the N800. I haven't been able to test it in the 770, where performance is more critical.


glebd said...

Is it possible to install it on 770? It's not in gregale repository... Thanks!

etrunko said...

Hi glebd,

I've just uploaded the 770 version to gregale extras repository. Please test it. I'd recommend you to activate virtual memory in the MMC card.

Best Regards, Etrunko.

glebd said...

Seems to work OK, thanks a lot!

F. Javier said...

Thank you very much! Just my two cents comments:
1) It seems to me that version 0.5.2 was snappier in my n800. But I need more testing.

2) In full screen I can't see the toolbar.

3) I had previous version installed. Any advice for upgrading?

4) I miss the possibility of a free zoom setting. For many books, the ideal zoom seems to be between 175 and 200%. Is it very difficult to implement?

5) Are there some configuration screen? To change the behaviour of the hardware keys, etc.

Thanks again for porting this beautiful app to my preferred ebook device.ook device.ook device.

Anonymous said...

It works very well.
Evince rules

Ernesto said...

Hi Etrunko,
would you mind seeing if you can correct an annoying bug in evince? It doesn't open directly files from the n800 file manager or from the web. I tried in every way i could conceive (editing the evince.hildon.desktop file, creating a script which invokes evince with parameters) but with no joy. This is a pity because evince is so much better than the default pdf reader. Thanks