Monday, April 30, 2007

Evince now available in extras repositories

After digging for some remaining bugs and helped a lot by Nickolay Shmyrev, Evince maintainer, I was finally able to release the packages for N800 and 770. They are already available in both bora (N800) and gregale (770) extras repositories. Here are the direct links to the .install files:

In my opinion, Evince fits perfectly as replacement for the built-in PDF reader. Please report here any issues, specially about performance. We are now using libcairo as backend for rendering PDFs in libpoppler. Thanks to the great work done by cairo gurus we could replace the splash backend used in the previous versions of the package.

Enjoy it!!


Anonymous said...

Are CBR and CBZ comic formats supported on this release?

svu said...

By default, N800 opens pdfs with built-in reader. Which really suxx.

How would I make N800 use evince as default pdf reader?

fanoush said...

Hello, thanks a lot for evince update.

Is it posible to open index/table of contents in pdf in fullscreen mode? It seems to be hardcoded to be off in full screen. Also I didn't find 'go to page number' so in fact in fullscreen mode there is no way to go to specific page, just next one or previous.

etrunko said...


If you had installed the previous version of evince (0.5.2) CBR and CBZ should be supported. What happens is it requires an upgrade to the shared-mime-info package.


We need some aditional code to Evince so it could open the files automaticaly. I'll check how to do it.


Definitely a bug... By default when in fullscreen, the toolbar and sidebar are hidden. But if you change the options in the fullscreen menu, they should be also be reflected.

Best Regards, Etrunko

Anonymous said...

Found the 0.5.2 version and installed it by xterm. Found out it does not recognize CBR format, but does read CBZ. Updated to 0.8.1 and it still reads CBZ. Finally! Comics look great on screen.

marcoa said...

Is djvu support added also in the n800 version of evince?
It does not work for me.

etrunko said...


I've had some problems uploading the djvu libraries to the maemo extra repositories. The packages are ready, I tried upload them more than once and succeeded (with this I mean no errors) but the packages did never appear in the repository.

I'm waiting for a response of the responsible for the extras repository, and as soon as I get it, I'll upload the evince packages with DJVU support.

Best Regards, Etrunko.

fernando said...

In my N800, Evince 0.8 can't open cbr/cbz comics. In fact, it don't show them at the open dialog. I have unzip and unrar installed in my system. May someone help me?

etrunko said...


The problem is the version of the shared-mime-info package that ships with N800. You might want to upgrade it with this one

Best regards, Etrunko.

Fernando said...

I'm sorry...
I can't install the shared-mime-info package that links because a 'incompatible package' error in the upgrade. What's wrong? Maybe gnumeric packages... ?
Thanks in advance, your work is fantastic!

fernando said...

I'm sorry, I'm a bit nerd...
Package installed via dpkg with root privileges and comics runs fine.
Thanks a lot!

marcoa said...

Are the djvu libraries uploaded to the maemo repo?
I go on having problems in opening a djvu file with evince:

"Unhandled MIME type application-octet/stream"

Does anyone succeded in reading a djvu file with evince? (Or it is only a problem for me?) :-(

Unatine said...

About DjVu support.

Maybe just upload packages with djvu libraries to some hosting? For install without Application Manager.

Anonymous said...

I can read djvu files on N800 if install evince_0.5.2-indt5_armel.deb
, but if I upgrade evince to version 8 or latest 9 it does not recognize djvu format.
Therefore I installed version 5.

Big Al said...

Is there a place where I can ;earn more about installing applications for the 770?

I'm coming from the world of windows and palm.

marcoa said...

Thank you anonimous 27-5-007, evince from finally works on my n800

borghal said...

Updating the mime types worked until yesterday when I upgraded to the latest OS 2007. Now evince doesn't recognize .cbr files and updating the mime types as described here doesn't change that. Could it be shared-mime-info_0.17-0indt1_armel.deb has to be updated?

Denis said...

When installing Evince, it takes over the default handling of PDF files... how do i undo this if I want to preserve the built in reader handling pdf files by default?

Felix Fung said...

I have installed Evince 0.9.0. The N800 can bring up the Evince when I click on a pdf file in File Manager. But the file does not load itself in it. How can I correct it?

Gleb said...

The latest v0.9.1 on 770 still doesn't open DjVu files, and also does not remember file position which v0.5.2 did. How can I fix this?

Anonymous said...

I have an n800 and the evince version is 0.9.0. It does not recognize .cbr/cbz. Should it? Do I need to compile with the comics extenion or anything? If so, can someone please post instructions?
Many thanks.

Archie said...

Great work! N800+evince really shines as a comic book reader.

Having said that, there is one extremely annoying thing when using with comics (may not be that much of a problem when using evince as a pdf reader) -- after each book (which is typically no longer than 20-40 pages) I have to:
- select File/Open,
- wait for fileselector to populate, which takes ages with more than dozen files in a directory, not uncommon with longer series,
- wait for the second instance of evince to load the file,
- re-select with the menu all the necessary viewing parameters (in my usage pattern this is usually deselecting View/Continuous and selecting View/Fullscreen),
- switch to previous instance,
- select File/Close.

Probably better solution for the portable/pocket viewer would be, when trying to move past the end of the file, to offer the user (with the simple Yes/No dialog) the possibility to open next file in the same directory, using the same instance and retaining all view settings.

I've looked in the source code and as rusty my skills are this should be the matter of probably 20 lines of code (finding next file, confirmation, replacing URI and performing reload), but setting up the SDK and recompiling/repackaging the whole thing is slightly over my head (and believe me, I tried).