Monday, August 21, 2006

Updated Evince package

I have just uploaded a new version of the Evince package fixing a crash people were complaining. So please refresh your package list and click on the "Check for updates" button in Application Manager main screen. The new version is 0.5.2-indt5. Many thanks to everybody who reported the bug.


spaetz said...

I would appreciate if you could upload evince to the contrib repository of maemo, so I wouldn't have to add dozens of individual developers semi-private repositories. See for more information.

Otherwise good work, it's superb!

Maxilogan said...

Is it possible to have a separate .deb package without having to access the repository? I'd like to try out evince (especially if I can get rid of the itT already mentioned "zoom out - next page - zoom again in" issue on the standard PDF reader), but I have some problem with the repositories :(

Does evince run in full screen?

Etrunko said...

Hi Maxilogan,

Actually you need to download the following packages and install them in the same order:

Note the problems:

1) You must install these packages using Xterm as application installer refuses to install them.
2) Too many packages to download.
3) Some packages may come from different repositories (see libglade above).

So, I don't think it worth your effort. The repositories came to solve these (and many other) problems.

Finally, if you still want to do it, download each package and save them in the same directory. Then using 770 XTerm:

1) gainroot
2) cd dir_you_saved_the_packages
3) dpkg --install *.deb

Best Regards, Etrunko

Maxilogan said...

Hi Marcelo, thanks for your help. I just posted a message on itT in order to try getting some help since I'd like to be able to use the repos.

Think it's a router's issue, since I also can not connect to GTalk network; I tried disabling the firewall but no lucky... I'll try at work with another router.


Maxilogan said...
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Maxilogan said...

Hi Marcelo, I managed to connect to the repos through the access point we have here at work and the installation went out flawlessly.
Already tried opening the book I'm currently reading on the standard reader: the need to zoom in/out to change page (standard reader) is completely solved, since you can set the reader to be continuous, the page rendering is good and there is finally the possibility not to search overall the document to find the page I was reading last time, because it keeps in memory it.

Great improvement to the standard reader and great reader itself.

Thanks for your efforts and your work so far.


Ed said...

Eduardo, can you add 250% and 350% zoom levels to Evince ?

Also I have some problems with updated Evince:

1. Bottom toolbar didn't hide when I uncheck Main Menu -> View -> Toolbar;

2. Often Evince freezes the device when I try to scroll pdf or djvu documents (by clicking navigation pad buttons) quickly.

Anonymous said...

Upgrade evince to lastest release 0.6.0 :)

Etrunko said...


Unfortunately, it won't be possible at this moment. You can see the details in the following link:

Regards, Etrunko.

Anonymous said...

Zoom comes up quite a bit. Would it be possible to manually enter the level of zoom that a user wants. This way it should be possible to make complete use of screen real estate.

Anonymous said...

Actually Evince (at least for me) has a very large problem - when I am opening some large PDF file, e.g. some book - it keeps a load of CPU 100% _long_ time after the current page is rendered. This quickly kills the battery :(

Seems this is either pre-caching of next pages or the 'go-and-render-all-thumbnails' code... Switching thumbnails panel doesn't help because it seems to render them in the background...

Kirill said...

Btw, are the sources of patched Evince available on the net? If you don't have time for it, I'll try to check for this problem... maybe this will be faster...

Etrunko said...

Hi Kirill,

The sources are available via apt. Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list in scratchbox environment:

deb mistral user
deb-src mistral user

Then run

$ apt-get update
$ fakeroot apt-get build-dep evince
$ apt-get source evince

Have fun!

Kirill said...

Thanks, Eduardo! :)

timsamoff said...

Great app! This will quickly become a favorite. ;)

Jaime Zamora said...
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