Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time to have some fun

I spent some time helping my colleagues of INdT game team to port our games packages to Maemo 2.0. Now you can enjoy all these funny games:

Just add the following entry to your application catalog:

Web Address:
Distribution: mistral
Components: games

You will also need repository:

Web Address:
Distribution: mistral
Components: free non-free

These packages substitute those ones Marcelo had annouced previously. Feedbacks are very welcome. Have fun!


gbraad said...

Will this mean that also the other INdT applications will be updated soon? Since the Abiword implementation looks very interesting... but Maemo Word Processor is now only for OS2005.

Etrunko said...

Hi gbraad,

You're correct. I'm currently working on it. Hope to release it soon.

Regards, Etrunko.

squashpup said...

Did anyone ever port Abiword to 2006? I just got my 770 and am rather disappointed with the default text processor...anyone know of any other halfway decent word processors for the 770?