Friday, August 18, 2006

Evince now with DJVU support

Some people asked me about adding DJVU support in Evince. Now it is done! Again, follow the instructions in my previous post if you do not have it installed yet. Otherwise, just refresh your package list and click on "Check for updates" button in application manager main screen.

Could somebody point me an interesting reading??


Anonymous said...

Let me suggest TUX magazine :) Unfortunatetly, it cost money now....

Anonymous said...

It would be really great if you could add custom zoom levels, instead of the 25% increments, either through a text box where one could type in a %, or by having +5%/-5% or similar menu options.

For many PDFs I'm finding 150% slightly too small to read comfortably, while 175% is just too wide to fit in the 800 pixels. At 165% or 170% I would maximize the use of the display area.

Anyway, thanks for the great work - this is much better than the built in PDF viewer.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for the zooming option as well, it would be very handy !!


Anonymous said...

you crack-smokers why don't you just use "fit width"?

Jørgen said...

Great job on Evince! It's the reason why I bought my 810!

I agree, custom zoom levels would make it perfect. With it we can maximise the text inside the page so that we get full width and only have to tap top and bottom to navigate.

Pages typically have margins, that's why best fit won't serve the same purpose.

Jørgen said...

Further to that, to top off the "perfectness", if we had the option to remove scrolling bars altogether (or choice of either = on /off) then that would be totally awesome.

Don't really need the vertical one at all times especially with books that span several hundred pages. And the horizontal can go once we've found the right zoom level.

By finding the correct zoom level for any given book we can fully maximize the readability of it.