Monday, June 4, 2007

Maemo SDK VMWare Appliance

After a couple weeks of hard work, Marcelo (aka setanta) has successfully set up a VMWare Appliance for Maemo SDK. It's based on Xubuntu 7.04 and ships only the Maemo 3.1 (bora) targets. Gregale version (2.2) was not included in order to save some disk space.

Marcelo has also submitted a project in maemo garage. While it is not approved, you can download it from here.

Update: The project has been approved in maemo garage. Go for it!


Larry said...

Please do make a gregale(2.2) only version of your vmware appliance and I assume there will be a lot of interest. There are many poor guys like me who can only afford a 770 right now and we also want to get our hands dirty with our gagets. :)

Eric Work said...

I would also like a 2.2 version. Maybe just some simple instructions on how to install the 2.2 SDK would suffice. I'm just getting started so I'm not really familiar enough right now to do this all on my own. I have made a few unsuccessful attempts.

Joe T. said...

I realize this page is quite dated, but for any others looking for Gregale solution just do the following:
1. Use the above mentioned appliance.
2. Remove the installed scratchbox. (Instructions here
3. Install Gregale development environment following instructions here: