Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maemo Screenshots

I'm quite often asked for screen shots of applications running on maemo, specially that ones I ported. In most of the cases, my bosses want to use them in presentations, but I always lose those images somehow. So every time I'm asked for them, I lose time searching for the old screen shots until I realize I've lost them and even more time taking/sending the images to whoever asked.

Tired of losing so much time, I've decided to reactivate my flickr account and use it for something a little bit more useful, satisfying mine needs and also my bosses. I've organized all screen shots in this photo set. Now, the next time I'm asked, all I have to do is to send this link and everybody is happy ever after.

I've also joined the maemo group on flickr and uploaded the shots there. It also worth saying that setting image descriptions/applying tags/uploading was very much easier using Ross' Postr. Really nice piece of software.

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Can you answer me - where can i download any working Evince version with djvu support?