Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gnumeric Metadata Dialog

Yesterday i have commited some files in Gnumeric main CVS tree related to a project that i have been working in collaboration to the community, but in fact it is stopped due some priorities of our team here at INdT. The metadata dialog, that i hope will be incorporated soon by libgoffice is composed of four pages of information, as it can be seen in the next screenshots (click to enlarge the image), with a brief description of each page:

File Page

The first page contains the basic information about the file: name, location (uri), the date it was created, the date it was last modified and accessed, name and group of the owner and finally the permissions for the user, group and others.

Description Page

Second page contains information about the document, such as title, subject, name of the author, manager and company, keywords and comments about it.

Properties Page

The properties page is where you can change some metadata information. The box will show all metadata properties and the user will be able to add, modify or delete each one of them.

Statistics Page

Last page contains statistcs about the document. In the very specifc case of spreadsheets, the information shown is the number of sheets, cells and pages.

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