Monday, August 13, 2007

Maemo related news

There are guys at INdT who have been doing wonderful jobs but they still don't have their blogs syndicated in any planet. This way, I thought it was a good idea to have a post with some interesting news and links:

  • LLVM performance tests

    Lauro has been working on the ARM backend of LLVM for quite some time. It's been a year since the backend was included in the project. After lots of improvements, tests and bug fixes, it's now possible to compile complex programs and libraries.

    Lauro has just started his blog and has already published quite impressive results of tests comparing programs built with GCC and LLVM. I just can't wait for whole distro built with LLVM. :)

  • Hildon bindings for Vala

    Marcelo Lira (aka setanta) introduced this brand new language called Vala for us some time ago. He's been posting about it since then, including the following diagrams illustrating the basic differences between Mono and Vala.



    Vala bindings are growing really fast. One of the latest additions were the Hildon bindings Marcelo has provided. It's approaching the day we won't need to code GObjects in plain C anymore.

  • Maemo SDK Applicance

    Marcelo Lira (again) has published a cool screencast of Maemo SDK appliance running. The video is on YouTube but I'd recommend you to download the Ogg/Theora Version available in Maemo garage project page.

That's all folks! (At least for now). ;)

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