Monday, July 30, 2007

Yet another post on "Kinetic" scrolling

Renato Filho has just uploaded a video to youtube showing the MokoFingerScrool object, developed by Chris Lord, integrated with his Maemo Myth application running on the N800 device. Cool stuff.


Andrew said...

Developers working on kinetic scrolling should agree on an algorithm and a gconf-key for the amount of damping & sensitivity; otherwise users will get confused by different apps having different acceleration etc.

Ideally, I'd love to see Gtk+ patched so that any background in a scrollable panel became a drag point with kinetic scrolling, but doubt that'll ever be done.

Chris said...

Cool to see it being used in another application so soon, good stuff! :)

@andrew: Personally, I don't think global settings would really work with this type of scroll widget - You want the speed to depend somewhat on the content inside the scroll (i.e. big long lists should get faster quicker and slow-down slower than smaller areas).

Also, these sort of fancy widgets are very special-purpose, standardising is a little overkill perhaps. My opinion anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of logical counter-arguments :)

Jeff Waugh said...

One thing that appears to be missing in most of these demos is the correct alignment of the top-most list item when the scrolling stops. It should halt on the list item boundary. :-)

Gianni said...

Jeff, you must have missed this:

Andrew said...

@Chris: perhaps, but you compare the speed of the scroll in this to the iPhone-like-list-view or UKMP and it's inconsistent.

That'd bug me as a user if I need a big flick in one application to move a certain number (or percentage) and only a small flick in another.

Blindly copying iPhone UI items without understanding the UI principles and cohesive, consistent UI which make the iPhone great will be a disaster (IMHO).