Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spreading Maemo Platform (and INdT projects)

INdT crew is really working hard on spreading our commitment to the open source community by showing the projects we participate in various events that occured all around brazilian northearsten region. We gave talks related to our projects regarding Python, VoIP, Gstreamer and specially the Maemo platform. A small summary of some of the events we participated follows:

  • V SEC: Marcio Macedo talked about Multimedia and Mobility in Free Software and my presentation was about the Maemo Platform. The audience (mostly students) was really impressed to see me switching the slides remotely using a Nokia 770 (which was running vncviewer).

  • II EPSL: Marcio Macedo talked about Developing VoIP Applications, Osvaldo Santana presented the Maemo platform and Gustavo Barbieri talked about python language, his Eagle Library and some other examples in Maemo Platform.

  • III FCSL: This time I gave two talks, the first one was the default Maemo platform presentation and the other was about my experience in porting some desktop applications to it. Eduardo Valentin from INdT Manaus office talked about the work he has done building ALSA support to Maemo. Daniel D'andrada, talked about Python in mobile devices such as cellphones and the Nokia 770 and also gave a mini course of python using the scratchbox environment and the Maemo platform. Ilias Biris, also from INdT Manaus gave a talk about testing the Linux Kernel in various platforms. Finally Edgard Lima talked about the gstreamer framework, which he is deeply involved.

  • SEMANASOL: This time Osvaldo Santana gave two talks. The first one was the "default" Maemo Platform presentation and the second talking about Free Software Project Management.

It's kind of weird to talk about such an amazing development platform when we are not able to buy the only compatible device (770) here in Brazil. :(

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Anonymous said...

It is sad that such a nice device is only available in Europe and the US only. I'm in Australia and I had to get my through my colleague from our US office.