Thursday, November 30, 2006

Canola has been released!

Yeah I know some other guys have already posted about this, but I was unable to do it as I was sleeping while people were working hard to ensure everything was working fine. They've found some issues in the installation process which were quickly solved. It works like a charm now.

Things about Canola I like a lot:

  • Incredibly easy to use UI

  • The wood theme

  • Web configuration tool

  • Canola Home Applet

So big congratulations (and sweet dreams) to the Canola Team (in no particular order): Marcelo, Gustavo, Chenca, Andrunko, Talita and Cidoca for this awesome software. Lets enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Software e video demo molto interessanti. Grazie.

Carlos Guerreiro said...

Is source code available? It would be cool to build it against sardine and herring.

Karel Jansens said...

Can we have a Talita-theme, please??!!


Leonardo Skorianez said...

Are you from Brazil?
How do I buy 770 from here?