Friday, September 8, 2006

Gnumeric Excel Import Bug Fixed

I've finally managed to fix the annoying bug in Gnumeric Excel importer in Nokia 770. Actually I don't know if it was really a bug. Anyway, special thanks to Morten Wellinder for the precious tip.

Users, please try to refresh the package list and then click on "Check for updates" button in Application Manager main window. If this does not work, try uninstalling and installing gnumeric again.

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Alfonso de la Fuente Ruiz said...

I haven't really checked it out lately, but we would really like to see the size of the Gnumeric package shrink.
Some months ago it was commented at the maemo_users mailing list that this could be done by splitting the package into the core and the language add-ons, so the user could install separately just the lenguage/s s/he required to work, not all of them.
We are looking forward it because the whole 10.000 kB (+ yet another 10MB plugin) package takes up far too much space off the 770 but there are many other applications too... It's kind of a delicate equilibrium among packages installed and memory space.
Currently I do not use Gnumeric due to this limitation.
Congrats on your work!