Friday, September 15, 2006

Rhythmbox is near

I'm almost done with Rhythmbox for Nokia 770. I expect to have something by the end of the next week or so. I'm facing some problems specially with mp3 streams over the internet at this moment but it is already usable. Music sharing via DAAP is supported as you can see in the following screenshots:


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

Does it use gstreamer as a backend?

Jens Geiregat said...

How does it behave when the cap is put over the screen? I remember the early ports of Rhythmbox for the N770 drained my battery while they should have been idle.

Chris said...

Great work. :)

Jonathan said...

Hey, wanna share a little testing .deb ? ;)

I can't wait for the downloadable version ! good work men :)

Anonymous said...

Have you some news about rhythmbox ?
Is the port done ? It's a month after your post :) I'm very intersted in DAAP suuport !
If you need some tester, just ask !

Etrunko said...


I know we are all anxious for the release, but I'm working in another project now, with lots of documentation ahead. So, i've been very busy at this moment.

Also, I'm waiting for some definition about the library used to play songs. There are some bugs there and others in the UI.

So, I hope to get rid of all these documentation soon and finally release the rhythmbox packages.

I hope you can wait untill there. Best Regards, Etrunko.

Anonymous said...


I don't want to force you to release a version ! It is very kind to you to work on rhythmbox and let us profit of this work.

My previous message was only to have some news. I didn't expect a so quick answer :)

I let you work (on rhythmbox ?) and thank you again for your work.

sorry for my bad english but I think you understood me :)

Anonymous said...

One more user here eagerly awaiting a daap client for 770... I realize we'll be able to use Canola soon enough, but I suspect that I'd prefer Rhythmbox if given the choice. Any news?

Anonymous said...

is this still being worked on?

would love to try out what you have currently

Duncan said...


Is this still being worked on. In the alternative, I'd like to help finish this up as I really need DAAP support on my N770 - anyway I can see what the work was done so far?