Thursday, July 27, 2006

Updated Xournal Package

After seeing Denis Auroux released a new version (0.3) of Xournal, I ran to update my patches and build the fresh packages for the Nokia 770. If you already have it installed, just refresh your list of packages and then click on the "Check for Updates" button. Otherwise, just follow the instructions of my previous post.

Check the changelog.


Anonymous said...


First of all, thanks a million for all of your work porting and writing apps for maemo! It IS appreciated!

I just wanted to ask you: do you yourself actually use Xournal to do anything useful? And if yes - for what?
Me personally, whenever trying to use it for something, I always fall victim of things like being unable to keep writing outside the bounds of what is visible on the screen, and the unavoidable problems of writing on such a big stulus without accidentally touching the screen with the back of my hand...

It seems to me that Xournal could be great if designed for the Maemo device... is this something you plan on doing?

Cheers! And keep up your great work!

Jesus Alvaro said...

Ive just discovered Xournal for 770, and found it a great tool for MUSIC WRITTING.
So I installed it into my 7770 and tried to load music sheet paper background without any success.
Then I dowloaded the linux i386 version and it loads my .svg and .pdf sheets without any kind of problem. Have you tried to load a background file? What am I doing wrong? Do I need any library?

Thank you for your work. It is an incredible tool inside a pocket.

Etrunko said...

Hi Jesus,

Thank you for the report. I have successfully loaded image files (.png, .jpg) as backgrounds, but I could not do it while importing a PDF file. There is some problem with "Annotate PDF" menu item. I need to investigate this more.

I Think we should add another paper style to Xournal called "Music sheet" and then you can select it from Menu -> Journal -> Paper Style.

Best Regards, Etrunko.

Jesus Alvaro said...

Thanks again for your work in 770

Definitively Music Sheets as paper style would be the best approach. But composers manage several types of staff distribution in sheets. We usualy use a different distribution for each composition...
Xournal for linux i386 is fine loading svg files as background. It sounds like a porting matter or library dependency...

A piano staff would be ok as a style, but I can imagine a much rich utility if we can use xournal for filling in any kind of forms, when you are collecting data. I plan to use 770 and xournal also as a teacher notebook...
Anyway I have been testing the program in note-taking and sketching and it is fine. I will provide some more feedback in order to help improving the tool..