Friday, July 28, 2006

SIP with Tapioca

After the release of Tapioca for Nokia 770, there have been a lot of discussion, specially on #maemo, about the status of SIP on the UI and the interoperability with another clients. There is a page at Tapioca Wiki explaining the current state of this supoort in the framework. A small quotation:

The main issue that has yet to be solved for full interoperability with other SIP clients is Media traversal trough NAT environments. That means that you can connect (establish a session) to other clients, but you will not be able to make Voice Calls to anyone.

I am currently working on adding support to other kinds of accounts, including SIP, besides Google Talk ones. I hope to have it working along with SIP support on Tapioca.


fpp said...

Thanks for your work, Eduardo. This is something a lot of us have been waiting eagerly, especially in Europe ! I hope the NAT issue is solved soon... does this mean that if NAT is not involved one could already use Tapioca to place SIP calls ?

Marciom said...

Unfortunatly not. Even if you do not have NAT, voice calls will work only from tapioca to tapioca. We hope to come up with a solution soon.