Friday, March 24, 2006

Xournal package for 770

As promissed, last weekend I did a quick hack on xournal code and ported it to Maemo platform. I've been somewhat busy lately and I have found some time to build the package for 770 only yesterday.

Xournal is a great application, it fits perfectly on 770, but unfortunately its performance on the device is far from acceptable. Iván Frade has sent some emails to the author, Denis Auroux, and since yesterday the project is hosted by sourceforge. From now on we can help developping and improving xournal. If you want to help, don't hesitate to join the project.

Some screenshots taken from the 770:

Normal mode

Fullscreen mode

The package ready to install using the application installer and it is available here. Don't forget to install libgnomeprintui dependency. Have fun!


Bit-Looter said...

Cool, I'll be taking a shot at installing it, I have been salivating for it all weekend. I am tired of writing on paper, so this will be a nice releif. I'd love to help improve the app but I am somewhat a novice at Linux programming and I really don't have the free time at the moment to get my feet wet, hopefully that'll change soon.

My past projects (forgive me lords for I use to be a sinner,it is all MS windows!):

Vineus said...

Great app l think its very usefull to take notes. Ihope it will be faster than this version soon, anyway you did a great work by adapting it for 770!