Friday, March 17, 2006

Coming up next....

Well, i've got really excited by tigert previous post and started a quick hack on Xournal. I will work more on it this weekend and I hope to have some good news by Monday. The result will be something like this:


Anonymous said...

Check here:

It is already in Maemo App Wiki WIP

Etrunko said...


Looks like somebody had found this software before us :). But as you can see by the screenshot, the application was not fully ported to Maemo Platform, it was just compiled inside the scratchbox environment, which is not so hard. It depends only on libgnomeprintui.

My plans are to have the UI fully hildonized and help the author to improve Xournal code a lot.

Best Regards, Etrunko.

Frade said...

Hi etrunko!

I began to port the application just an hour before you. A common friend showed this application to tigert and me at the same time, more or less.

I'm just a begginer programming maemo, and i'm trying to learn. So, i'll do the port bad and slow ;)

I'm sure you will do better (i'm learning with your blog entries!) and all of us will have an incredible program to use in our n770. If i can help in any way, ask me please!

Best regards, (and excuse me my english)


Etrunko said...

Hi frade,

I was looking for a way to contact you to check out what were you doing on xournal port. This application is somewhat simple to port, as you will see when I release the patch. If you really want to learn, the best way to do it is hacking the code. I suggest you to continue your port. In the end we could compare our patches and merge the best solutions from each one into the final patch.

Thank you for the feedback, Etrunko.

P.S.: Don't worry about your english, it's quite good. Mine is far away from perfection too. ;)

Bit-Looter said...

I am waiting! I have the Horizon canvas program but I don't really like it. If you can port this to the 770, it will be the ultimate tool. I have my gnuplot,xterm, a note taking scetchpad (to do math homeworks) like this will complete my quest for "digital study room" nirvana.

jesus said...

Ive just discovered Xournal for 770, and found it a great tool for MUSIC WRITTING.
So I installed it into my 7770 and tried to load music sheet paper background without any success.
Then I dowloaded the linux i386 version and it loads my .svg and .pdf sheets without any kind of problem. Have you tried to load a background file? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your work. It is an increible tool inside a pocket.

Gerardo said...


xournal was one of my preferred applications in the N770. I read that this application doesn't work in N800 ¿Do you go to compile for the new platform?

Thank you for your work I think this is a really killer app!!

Best regards,