Friday, February 3, 2006

Gnumeric Package Update

After some discussion in maemo-developers mail list, finally Wolfgang Karall found the solution to make Gnumeric icon appear in Maemo task switcher. As result, you should have something like this:

It's alive!!

I'd like to thank Wolfgan very much and recommend you to download the new version of the package here.


Anonymous said...

so far so good, i've been looking for a spreadsheet app, glad to have found gnumeric for the 770.
A few touchups to get some of the option windows to show their contents within thw windows, or scroll bars on those windows and it should be ready for prome time.. :)

yerga said...


Sorry if it's something obvious, but I don't find the option to create graphs.

Is this possible?

Thank you. Greetings.

Etrunko said...

Hi yerga,

We have decided to hide some gnumeric functionalities because no one of the dialogs were ported yet. The Graph Guru is just one of a set of complex dialogs we need to work on to have them working for maemo.

Unfortunately I am involved in other projects at this moment and i there is not much time available for working on the dialogs.

Best Regards, Etrunko.

Anonymous said...

How can select another sheet in a multi-sheet workbook?. I think what tab sheets dont show. When select (in menus) the RENAME SHEET option the app "freeze" but i think what is waiting a text input but in a area what is not visible.

Any sugestions?


Etrunko said...

To select another sheet go to Menu -> Edit -> Sheet -> Manage Sheets. The sheets notebook was hidden to save space on the screen.