Friday, February 10, 2006

Evince With Optional Print Support

I was planning to write something about the enhancement bug I had opened yesterday at work before I went home, but I had no time to do it. When I opened my mail box today morning it was already done. The Evince maintainer, Nickolay Shmyrev, was faster than me and applied the patch I have attached to the bug. Sweet!

For now on, If you want to disable printing support in Evince, just need to run the configure scritp with --disable-gnome-print. As result we will have something like the following screenshots:

The good news about it is we are free of libgnomeprintui dependency, specially in Maemo Platform. Unfortunately, this weekend i will not have time to do it, but i will provide the new package as soon as possible.


Roberto. said...

I've just downloaded and installed the new Evince package for 770.
The scrolling-with-stylus feature is a must.
Thank you Eduardo.

Etrunko said...

Hi Roberto,

Thank you for the feedback.

Best Regards.