Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New INdT Office in Recife

Let's start where most of the novels start: The beginning. INdT office in Recife is less than one year old, we started to work in 2005 January at Porto Digital. For many reasons, specially infrastructure, we decided to move to another place and give time to people at Porto Digital fix the problems. So, since March, our office was being hosted by HQ. It is a very nice place, with big desks and the most comfortable chairs i have ever sit, but we were growing up in number and the space became more and more populated and in consequence, noisy. There was no physical space for anybody else but people did not stop to arrive. So early in September, we realized it was time to move on again.

For some reason our staff left the idea to come back to Porto Digital behind, and decided we should have our own space: a whole floor at the HQ neighbor building. Neat, it is much near my house (10 min walk) and physical space is huge. BUT, the place is still in reform. People are working hard to finish restrooms, meeting rooms, the main hall, there are several problems related to the network and various others.

I think we will be able to handle this little mess here, mostly because in two weeks we will be on a three weeks vacation and i hope to all these problems solved by the time we come back (January 16th). The only certain felling for sure is: "We all will miss those chairs."

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