Friday, December 23, 2005

Gnumeric Package for Nokia 770

Hi folks,

I have just released the gnumeric package for Nokia 770, but unfortunately I can not say it is ready. I had a lot of trouble packing it and most of them were solved, but one (maybe the most) important issue is still pendent. The application does not appear in the task switcher. I tried many things to make it work, but my ideas are gone. I hope someone can help with this one. :) Another big deal is about the dialogs which are not ready either.

I will be traveling tomorrow on vacation for Christmas and New Year parties with my family. I will be back only in January 15th and probably no internet access during my vacation, but i will try to follow the news and answer all emails and comments about the packages.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download libgnomeprintui package here.

  2. Download gnumeric package here.

  3. Install libgnomeprintui first.

  4. Finally, install Gnumeric.

Finally, I would like to thank very much Bo Granlund for the web space and wish everybody merry Christmas and a wonderful 2006. See you all next year!

P.S.: You can find evince package here.


Ari Jaaksi said...

cool! I installed it and seems to work well. The zoom and selecting multiple cells by painting etc.


Maybe the numeric input could be the default. Also, for some reason I needed to install it twice ... but I like it already! Put it to the maemo app catalog, pls.

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried your package with Internet Tablet 2006?

Etrunko said...


I have not tried to build it yet because I have been busy by the last few months. I had begun my work porting libgnomeprintui and dependencies (which is the base of almost all gnome office apps) for the IT2006 but I had to stop. I am expecting to have some free time by the next week and finish the port ok?

Regards, Etrunko.

Anonymous said...

Gnumeric for Maemo 2.0 ?

Jurop88 said...

Etrunko, HELP!!!! We are all still waiting for the port to IT2006...
I tried to apt-get it but the reply was: user@nokia770-26 not installable, depends on Gnumeric... Gnumeric not installable, depends on Etrunko :)!

Etrunko said...

Hi Jurop,

It's been hard to find some extra time to finish the port. All dependencies are compiled and ready, I just need to compile and build the gnumeric package.

It's coming soon ok?? :) Regards,