Thursday, November 17, 2005

Preliminary Evince package for Nokia 770 available

Finally it is done. You can download it here (I would be glad if someone could mirror it). Following there are some pictures of evince in action.

It was a hard work to make the package work with application installer, so i'd like to thank very much Marc Maurer (uwog) and Tomas Frydrych (tf) from Abiword community who helped me a lot.

Known Problems:
* The application does not respond to 770 special buttons, like Fullscreen, Zoom In and Zoom out.
* Find toolbar does not work.
* Include some pixmaps for actions like fullscreen and rotate right/left.

I hope to have these problems solved soon, and then we will have the final package available.

UPDATE 1: Emmanuel Pacuad has disponibilized a mirror for the package.

UPDATE 2: Another mirror for the package by Gustavo Barbieri.


Emmanuel said...

Here's a mirror of evince package:

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri said...

Another mirror:

It's located at Unicamp, it should have a great bandwith, but it's quite unstable these days :-(

Anonymous said...

Is this by any chance faster on rendering pdf pages than xpdf? Would it be possible to use 8bit/grayscale to speedup loading of pages?

Etrunko said...

Hi folks,

Thanks Emmanuel and Gustavo for mirroring the package.

And anonymous, unfortunately i can't tell you, by i think these questions could be asked at evince and poppler (the pdf renderer that evince uses) mail lists.


Roger said...

Hey, this is really welcome news. Thanks really much.

I put a note at Internet Tablet Users blog:


Konttori said...

I installed evince, but when trying to open evince, it just stays in the 'opening evince' status with 0% processor load and no additional memory consumption. After a while, it stops trying. I have the latest .45 firmware.

Am I missing a dependency or something?

Etrunko said...

Hi Konttori,

Thank you for the feedback.

This is a known problem. What happens is for some reason i do not know why, libglade is not included in the software image (you can check it out if you run it inside X Terminal at /var/lib/install/usr/bin/evince).

I have made the evince package using the SDK image, that includes libglade, so i thought there was no need to include it in the package.

I will fix this problem and as soon as i have the new package available, i will let you know.

Best Regards.

Jason Pester said...
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Jason Pester said...


Evince on the Nokia 770 is a great app for reading PDF docs, since I can rotate the docs sideways and use the Nokia 770 in a vertical orientation to read them (which the built-in PDF viewer lacks).

I have one small "enhancement" request if at all possible. The PDF docs I'm reading have large white margins, and zooming them one level higher than 100% would be perfect for viewing. When I do this, however, Evince uses the page corner to reposition the doc at higher than 100% zoom. This unfortunately truncates the left or right side of the text, depending on rotation, as the margin space is still included from the corner coordinate. Is it possible to modify the zoom algorithm to use the center point of the page instead, similar to zooming out below 100% (if it's not too difficult)?

Thanks again for the port, and nice work!