Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some screenshots of Evince In Maemo

Well, i have finished the tests on the maemo SDK 1.1 and reassumed the port of Evince CVS version to Maemo platform. Here are some screenshots of the results.

I am now working on the patch to make it look like a bit better, so i will send it to evince mail list. I will also inspect the possibility to have some new stock icons, for rotate right/left, fullscreen and presentation modes.


Roger said...

Fantastic! Great pix too!

Noted it at Internet Tablet Users blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for porting Evince. It is probably the second most important app for me (after web browser).

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you give some comments on the performance - how much time does an average page render take?

Roger said...

Not having a Nokia 770 at hand, I realize I have one confusion. What is the PDF reader that comes with the 770? Is it an earlier version of this evince port? One from Adobe? Some other version?

Thanks for the info.


André Moreira Magalhães said...

Hey dude,

Congrats. Nice work :)


Martin Kretzschmar said...

Nice screenshots. Good to see you have freetype configured correctly (unlike Fedora and Debian)

Anonymous said...

The current PDF is Xpdf. At least it sports similar rendering bugs.

macewan said...

Thanks for your work on port of Evince to Maemo.

frank said...

Anyone tested it yet an can report on the
performance? I'm especially interested
in the graphic performace.

Etrunko said...

Hi Frank and others,

You can now test evince in the 770.. The package is available for download. Thank you all for the feedback.

Best Regards.