Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Releases

If you've been following the updates in extras-devel repository you might have already noticed that we've been working on the new releases of the Maemo EFL stack together with Canola and Carman. Important to say, now that we have more applications (FTW!) depending on the core Enlightenment libraries we need to ensure that the upgrade won't break anything.

Anyway, it's unbelievable what Raster and the guys from E can do in order to optimize things. They are real freaks (in the good way)! Each and every new version released we have noticeable improvements in our user interfaces. And this time it wasn't different. You'll find the animations in Canola in Carman a lot snappier.

So, what's new in Canola?

  • Updated to latest revision of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

  • Videocasts support

  • Allow user to reset database

  • New configuration options added

  • Entire albums or directories can now be added to the OnTheGo playlist

  • New simple grid available for the Photos screen

  • Load images asynchronously, r

  • User can choose to scan for new media on startup

  • Fixed album cover discovery

  • Indicator of which music is being played in the list view

  • Improvements in Ogg and FLAC scanners

  • Improved feedback while scanning media, fetching album covers and generating video thumbnails

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Pretty names in application manager

  • Canola theme maker. This is something that certainly deserves an exclusive post.

Yet to be released:

  • Home applet, where you can launch Canola and scan for new media, just like the good ol' Canola1. The code is ready, it's just a matter of providing the packages for it.

  • Source code!!! Yay!! Can't wait to close maemo bug #3881.

What about Carman??

Another topic for an exclusive post. Must sleep now. :)

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