Thursday, November 29, 2007

Canola 2.0 running on Nokia 770

A while ago we were curious about how would be the performance of the new version of Canola running on a Nokia 770 device. After a whole day building packages and compiling stuff, our mate Renato Chencarek was finally able to make it run on the device. We thought it also deserved a video, just like others we posted.

It's a Nokia 770 device running OS2006 (gregale) and you can see it performs surprisingly well! Actually, it feels like the performance is better than on N800/N810. As we don't have that damn tearing effect, you can see the UI elements just move smoothly. Unfortunately, the screen is not as sensitive as the N800 or N810, so some tasks like dragging and panning will demand more effort than in the other devices.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reinteract News

It seems lots of people got interested in Reinteract. Owen Taylor has started a new project page and integrated the patches people sent him. Guess what? The maemo patch was integrated to the branch master as well. It was slightly different from the first patch I provided in my previous post since I had forgotten to add support for hildon file chooser dialogs. We also agreed provide a way for the user to select which UI to run, the standard or the hildon one.

I was able to run Reinteract in a N800 device and it performs really well. In a small talk I had with Osvaldo and Luciano, they showed interest to provide packages for Reinteract in next PyMaemo releases. Great news!

By the way, I have to say: Python rocks! Git rocks even more!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reinteract on Maemo

I followed a couple of posts today in Planet Gnome and read about Reinteract. This project is freaking awesome!!! Watch the screencast. It worths every minute. Reinteract is something that fits like a glove in Maemo. I've started playing with it a bit and a few minutes later I got something really interesting:

Wooohooo!!! The patch is really small, about 60 lines. I have not tested it a real device, but it should perform well. Any one would like to try??

Ubuntu Cola

It seems the OS wars has been reaching new levels. After Windows Vista soft drink, we have also Ubuntu Cola.

More pictures on Flickr.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Maemo Chinook SDK Final Released

I've just read in the Maemo site news The final Chinook SDK has been released, what means the N810 device is shopping in the next weeks. I haven't noticed it in the moment I received the email about the N810 discount program. Great news!!! I have already downloaded and installed the rootstraps which can be found here.

Personally, I prefer a manual installation, so it's just a matter of creating and setting up new targets, downloading the i386 and armel rootstraps, run a couple of simple apt-get commands and you're done.

We already have the new version of Canola running on Chinook. It is unbelievable how beautiful and delightful the new UI feels, thanks to our design team, which has been doing an excellent job. I can say it brings a totally new concept and you'll certainly enjoy it *A LOT*. We'll bring other hot news about Canola really soon!

Meanwhile, I encourage everybody to try to learn how to develop applications using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, specially Evas and Edje.

N810 maemo submission accepted

N810 maemo submission accepted

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the N810 maemo device
program. We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the
device is available in your selected shop (soon).

Thanks Nokia!!! I can't wait to receive the discount code!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Maemo - code in your hands

Maemo - code in your hands
Originally uploaded by Setanta!