Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reinteract on Maemo

I followed a couple of posts today in Planet Gnome and read about Reinteract. This project is freaking awesome!!! Watch the screencast. It worths every minute. Reinteract is something that fits like a glove in Maemo. I've started playing with it a bit and a few minutes later I got something really interesting:

Wooohooo!!! The patch is really small, about 60 lines. I have not tested it a real device, but it should perform well. Any one would like to try??


timsamoff said...

Holy crap, that's cool! Thanks! :)

Alfonso de la Fuente Ruiz said...

Have you tried Gnumeric on OS2006? It is just as great and can do things like THIS I plot myself last year for a logo design on N770.