Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Python 2.5 for Maemo has been Released

The INdT team has just announced the latest release of the Python language and bindings for the Maemo Platform. My colleagues have been worked really hard for quite some time to make the packages available and working for both Nokia 770 (Maemo 2.1 "Scirocco") and N800 (Maemo 3.0 "Bora") devices. The main features include:

  • Updated to Python 2.5 version of the core language

  • Updated bindings

  • Added bindings to new Hildon widgets (Maemo GTK+ extension widgets)

  • Improved bindings to OSSO library (access to Maemo-specific services)

Visit the project page at garage and the release notes page for instructions on how to install, convert the existing applications to use the new version and further information.

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