Friday, September 15, 2006

Rhythmbox is near

I'm almost done with Rhythmbox for Nokia 770. I expect to have something by the end of the next week or so. I'm facing some problems specially with mp3 streams over the internet at this moment but it is already usable. Music sharing via DAAP is supported as you can see in the following screenshots:

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yet another bug

This time the bug was in the xournal package. There was availability of "Annotate PDF" but it was not working at all. The problem is xournal uses /tmp to create a temporary directory where it stores a copy of the chosen pdf and calls pdftoppm to convert each page of the document before loading them as background. Taking a quick look at the device partition table:

Nokia770-26:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock4 2.0M 2.0M 0 100% /mnt/initfs
none 512.0k 28.0k 484.0k 5% /mnt/initfs/tmp
/dev/mtdblock4 123.5M 87.0M 36.5M 70% /
none 512.0k 28.0k 484.0k 5% /tmp
none 1.0M 44.0k 980.0k 4% /dev
/dev/mmcblk0p1 60.9M 32.1M 28.8M 53% /media/mmc1

So, I realised that 484 KB in /tmp were not enough for our needs. Just changed the directory to /home/user/.xournal/ and got another issue fixed. Please upgrade your xournal package by refreshing the package list and clicking on "Check for Updates" button in the application manager main window.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Gnumeric Excel Import Bug Fixed

I've finally managed to fix the annoying bug in Gnumeric Excel importer in Nokia 770. Actually I don't know if it was really a bug. Anyway, special thanks to Morten Wellinder for the precious tip.

Users, please try to refresh the package list and then click on "Check for updates" button in Application Manager main window. If this does not work, try uninstalling and installing gnumeric again.

One Bug Leads To Another

I was trying to figure out why Gnumeric excel importer is broken in Nokia 770 version, but then I discovered it is not possible to save in other formats than Gnumeric XML. With a couple of lines, now the save dialog includes a combo box to let user choose which file type he/she wants to save:

So, with this bug fixed, lets keep searching the reason for that former bug. I just whish it would be as easy to fix as the save dialog one.