Monday, January 30, 2006

Gnumeric 1.6.2 Released

As usual, with this new version, I have released the package for Nokia 770. Download it here. Don't forget to install libgnomeprintui too.

Unfortunately, I can not see a solution to show the application icon in Maemo task switcher. So please don't minimize Gnumeric window. If you do it you will have to kill Gnumeric explicitly using X Terminal or Load Applet.

This Gnumeric release "include numerous function fixes, fixes for a number of crashes and improved compatibility with Excel's functions, in particular for string functions." See the release notes.


Anonymous said...

As also posted to the maemo-devel mailing list: set StartupWMClass=Gnumeric in the desktop file and the icon shows up
fine, just downloaded and tested it. Basically (which is how I found out
for scummvm too) it's just launch the normal application on your
desktop, run xprop and click into the application window, and then
copy'n'paste the string after WM_CLASS(STRING) =


Anonymous said...

Looks darn good. Kudos to you...

Anonymous said...

Could be you can add it to the Application List on Maemo Wikki, so everybody can know about that

Anonymous said...

Looks impressive with my existing Excel sheets, including colors, comments, etc.
However, I could not figure out so far, how to switch between the sheets of a workbook ;-)

Etrunko said...

To switch between the sheets of a workbook, you will have to access the option on the application Menu. The path is Menu -> Edit -> Sheet -> Manage Sheets.

Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

What about graphics? I can't find any button nor option, but at you can read about it. Am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

Would you consider making Gnumeric 1.6.2 compatible with Nokia770 OS 2006? Thank you for the great work and I really missed being able to use Gnumeric on Nokia770 :-(