Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maemo @ GSoC 2010: Accepted Projects

Last Monday, Google announced the list of accepted projects for the Summer of Code Program. Like last year, Maemo has got 10 slots. As Valério said in a previous post, we received about 90 submissions this year, which made the task of selecting the best proposals much more difficult. Many thanks to all people involved on the selection process. :)

Enough talk. Here is the list (in no particular order, just copied and pasted the contents of the wiki page):

Congratulations to all accepted students! Some of them already had worked on projects related to Maemo on GSoC last year. In either case would be really cool to post a small introduction about yourself and the project you will work on during the next months. If you have a blog, request it to be syndicated on Planet Maemo.

For those whose projects were not accepted, and still think it is worth to work on it, you are be more than welcome. Although there won't be any assigned mentor, I am sure you can find help on the mailing lists.