Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Time goes really fast!!! It has been a year since the announcement of Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and Maemo platform. Congratulations to everyone who have contributed and worked hard to build the community and make the platform grow to what it is now. Although there were some detours, I think we are building our road in the right direction and there is a lot more to come :).

Also, I'd like to celebrate my first year in Recife. It has been a little bit more than a year since I have moved from Brasília looking for new challenges in my professional carreer. Before beeing hired to work at INdT I had been working for almost 4 years in a governmental institution, where I had the chance to develop various OS/2 and Linux applications. It was my first job and I must say that I had learned a LOT over there, thank very much to Jeovânio, Rômulo, Alessandro, Cezar, Marcio, Jorge and many others.

So, I have left a lot of friends and family people in Brasília and decided to come to Recife by myself to focus my work on Free Software and Open Source World. Although living far far away from home (about 2.500 km) and missing the contact with my family closest friends, I don't regret my decision. I enjoy the life in Recife, which is a very good and beautiful city, besides being huge and having all the problems it has. I have met a lot of people including my beautiful and lovable girlfriend, Wanessa. It's been 10 months since we met, and thank to her I knew a lot of places and made new friendships too.

Finally, I'd like to thank very much my family that have always been supporting me, my old and new friends (specially Wanessa), my co-workers and finish with some words I have learnd from uncle Jack from Dallas: "Work hard, Play hard and Party hard". Lets celebrate!