Thursday, November 17, 2005

Preliminary Evince package for Nokia 770 available

Finally it is done. You can download it here (I would be glad if someone could mirror it). Following there are some pictures of evince in action.

It was a hard work to make the package work with application installer, so i'd like to thank very much Marc Maurer (uwog) and Tomas Frydrych (tf) from Abiword community who helped me a lot.

Known Problems:
* The application does not respond to 770 special buttons, like Fullscreen, Zoom In and Zoom out.
* Find toolbar does not work.
* Include some pixmaps for actions like fullscreen and rotate right/left.

I hope to have these problems solved soon, and then we will have the final package available.

UPDATE 1: Emmanuel Pacuad has disponibilized a mirror for the package.

UPDATE 2: Another mirror for the package by Gustavo Barbieri.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gnumeric Spreadsheet has Maemo support

Last Friday, November 11th, i have opened a enhancement bug in gnome bugzilla with the patch containing all the modifications necessary to make Gnumeric run on Maemo platform. Today, Monday November 14th, i received the notification that the patch was accepted and now the code is part of Gnumeric mainstream (see the release notes). Thanks to all gnumeric community and Jody Goldberg that commited the patch and helped me a lot to solve the problems i have faced.

For now on, to compile Gnumeric on Maemo platform, just download the source code (at this moment, the last stable version is 1.6.1) and configure it with --enable-hildon option.

If everithing goes fine, by the end of this week we may have the debian packages available to install in the Nokia 770. w00t!

Now, some pics for screenshot lovers. ;)

Gnumeric ScreenShot

To which Middle Earth Race do you Belong?


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Evince Patch to Maemo Platform

Things are going quite good here. Today morning i have sent an email to evince mail list containing the patch and the instructions to make evince run on maemo platform. There are a couple of minor issues to be fixed, but i hope the code will be commited soon.